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Product Description

  The MyDiabolo Vulcan is an inexpensive, large, superb quality fixed axle diabolo suitable for beginners and more advanced players. They are made by the MyDiabolo Academy in Malaysia. Their large size means they're great for adults and bigger kids, though younger children may find them too large.

  The MyDiabolo Vulcan features a profile very different to all other diabolos on the market. The inner walls of the cup are quite steep meaning the diabolo can be controlled easily with string correction whilst using more than one at a time. This paired with the wide stainless steel axle and their long and stable spins makes this diabolo perfect for technical tricks when playing anything from 2-4 diabolos at once. The cup material is a durable but soft plastic, so it will easily handle drops from height on any surface.

  Fixed axle diabolos, on the other hand, do not turn in either direction. They are great for providing a solid foundation to your diabolo skills and many top level diaboloists still prefer them over bearing diabolos. Plus they cost quite a bit less and have fewer moving parts to get dirty and seize up.


Country of Manufacture - Malaysia
Manufacturer - MyDiabolo Academy
Diabolo Level - All Levels
Diabolo Size - Large
Axle - Fixed
Diameter - 127mm
Width - 150mm
Weight - 254g

What’s in the Box

Mydiabolo Vulcan

Wooden Stick

Nylon String

Mydiabolo Package

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MyDiabolo Academy provides supreme quality Diabolo in Malaysia.

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